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August 2016

165 Cities, 52 Countries and counting...


Here's a new milestone we want to share. Our service is not just across the Atlantic Ocean.

It has been extended beyond the Pacific Ocean, India Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

In other words, our point is that - we are everywhere. From Rio up to Vancouver, London to Athens, Moscow to Oceania and Sydney. FlitWays cover it all.

Remember, one thing we do very well is to Move You, Travelers and Businesses with the best travel ride that meets their ground transportation needs.

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To our TRAVELERS - Here's our best travel tips just for you.

  • by FlitWays Team

Hey Flitters,

We know travel can be a stressful endeavor, booking, preparation, and the actual traveling part spent in cars and planes and trains. To make things easier for all of you, we asked some of our most frequent travelers their tips and tricks to stress free travel.

1. Confirm your reservations
Make sure to confirm all of your reservations that day prior to your trip. You will feel confident and secure that your itinerary is in place.

2. Pack Smart
Learn packing strategies to maximize space. A popular technique is to roll the clothes instead of folding. Also, choose clothes that match, to reduce the amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories needed to complete the outfit. Don’t forget to pack extra essentials like socks and undies.

3. Upgrades please?
Don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades, whether its for your flight, car, or hotel. Be courteous, and dress sharply and many times desk agents are more than willing to give you an upgrade for free or a reduced price.

4. Early bird gets the worm
On the day of travel, wake up and get ready EARLY. As early as possible, complete any errands or tasks, as well as any last minute checks before travel. It’s better to be early and have time to kill, than to be late and miss your flight or car.

At FlitWays we believe that every travel platform should have a pre-book travel ride on its point of sale so that their travelers can experience a true Seamless Travel Experience.

Take notes and use these tips on your next trip! Check out FlitWays for more travel tips.

Thank you for reading this email. We are looking forward to working with you very soon.

Just Flit It!
-The FlitWays Team

May 2016

@CNN - FlitWays is one of the emerging startup that's making business trips less stressful.


FlitWays is featured on CNN as one of the emerging startup that's making business trips less stressful and we thought it worth sharing.

(CNN)Vacation travel might be a chance to relax, but business trips are too often long stretches of tedium punctuated by tension and frustration. In fact, a 2012 study by corporate travel agency Carson Wagonlit Travel found that travelers lose an average of 6.9 hours to stress on every work trip.

Technology might not be the solution to all life's ills, but there are still a bunch of new services and apps on the market making travel that bit easier for the tired, lonely worker.

Stress #6: Booking efficient, economic ground travel
We're "incorporating ride shares into the travel industry," says Zacky Hamraz, director of growth at FlitWays, which launched in 2014.

Users can pre-book taxis, executive cars, ride-shares in the 140 cities FlitWays covers. Its USP is that users can book up to one year in advance -- although with business plans changing on a daily basis, we're not sure how many travelers are that organized.

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TRAVEL SUPPLIERS - Your travelers want to pre-book their ride through your platform

  • by FlitWays Team


The travel industry is trending into a new level of convenience. Convenience is the sense of the seamless experience consumers are experiencing from online travel services like your brand and FlitWays.

A lot of travelers are looking to schedule a ride online to have a ride waiting upon their arrival. This new trend is known to travel savvy as "Complete door-to-door". Chances are, your travelers are also in the search of this new convenience.

While we love helping travelers to have a Seamless Ride Pre-Booked, we believe all travelers should have the opportunity to book a ride from their preferred travel supplier.

We want you to revolutionize your travelers experience by partnering with FlitWays to offer ground travel ride booking in 175 Cities and 400 Airports through 1 API or Deeplink integration.

The stats is there. Around the world, every single day about 37.2 million rides are hailed or pre-booked. This numbers shows that travellers wants to move swiftly.

At FlitWays we believe that every travel platform should have a pre-book travel ride on its point of sale so that their travelers can experience a true Seamless Travel Experience.

Learn more about FlitWays Ride Pre-Book Service

Thank you for reading this email. We are looking forward to working with you very soon.

- FlitWays Partnership Team

January 2016

@Tnooz - Seven ways business travel could benefit from tech this year

  • Viewpoint by Roger Blumberg, vice president of product management for Coupa

Travel managers, buyers and business travellers use tech to make their (working) life more productive and more simple, but the full potential has yet to be realised.

Here are seven specific areas within the business travel ecosystem which could undergo a sea-change this year.

1. Further simplification of expense reporting
I’ll start here because this is what I’m most excited about. I’m a long time road warrior, and these days I rarely interact with a desktop interface. Vendors have been perfecting the mobile experience so that everything you need to do to create and file an expense report can be done from a smartphone.

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Happy New Year from FlitWays

  • by FlitWays Team

Hello Flitters,

Happy New Year from FlitWays - May the force be with you in #2016 #HappyNewYear #NewYear #NewBegining

To our riders around the world who have used ‪#‎FlitWays‬ in the US for their ground travel needs in 2015. We say thank you from FlitWays team and we hope to see you next year. ‪#‎UK‬ ‪#‎Australia‬ ‪#‎SaudiArabia‬ ‪#‎Mexico‬ ‪#‎Canada‬ ‪#‎Spain‬ ‪#‎Armenia‬ ‪#‎Serbia‬ ‪#‎HongKong‬ ‪#‎Brazil‬ ‪#‎Philippines‬

December 2015

FlitWays Launches First Open Ride Share & Ground Transportation API

  • by Admin

Following a great success of supplying our inventory with major travel distributors through our API. Today we’re delighted to announce the launch of FlitWays API Ride Share & Ground Transportation to all travel vendors, in need of a reliable and real time Ride Share & Ground Transportation service for their travelers.

This launch is a major accomplishment for FlitWays. It’s a declaration of what we truly stand for and what we represent in the travel industry. We aim boldly to empower the travel industry with the missing link for a reliable and connected ground transportation to allow travelers book ground transportation in the same manner they book their flight and hotel.

For most travelers, having a pre-booked ride waiting at the airport or at the hotel upon arrival/departure brings about a true seamless travel experience.

In addition to plugging to a reliable Ride Share and Ground Transportation resource, travel vendors will also benefit a revenue share agreement that will allow the travel vendor to generate additional revenue stream and also offer an add-on service for a complete door-to-door experience.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the many more useful and interesting ways travel vendors can benefit and take advantage of the FlitWays API. For API inquiry, please contact us at


Lonely Planet says These are the Top 10 Countries To Visit in 2016

  • by Admin

Hello Flitters,

The 2016 list spotlights a number of not-yet-on-the-radar winners.

Japan Tokyo

Lonely Planet just released its 11th annual Best in Travel rankings, forecasting the top travel destinations for 2016, and this year’s lists spotlight a number of not-yet-on-the-radar winners. To make their decisions, the Melbourne, Australia-based travel guide publisher’s team of experts looks ahead to consider upcoming aspects like a major sporting event or anniversary, updates to infrastructure, and timely “it” factors.

10. Fiji

9. Greenland

8. Uruguay

7. Poland

6. Australia

5. Latvia

4. Palau

3. USA

2. Japan

1. Botswana

What follows is a countdown of the top ten countries to visit in 2016. The annual “best of” collection also compiles top cities — Kotor, Montenegro got the no.1 spot this year — and regions, which was topped by Transylvania, Romania. All of the 2016 must-dos, including more than a dozen additional destination lists, are published in the newest edition of the bestselling paperback Best in Travel guide from Lonely Planet.

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October 2015

We're raising our Seed Round on FlashFunders and Travel Startup Investor Network

  • by Admin

FlitWays grows TSI’s investment by 430% to scale to $550K (TTM) in 2015 now raising $500K in a seed-series

10 months ago, FlitWays raised $25,000 investment from Travel Startup Incubator and they used the $25,000 to increase their revenue by 430% within 4 months. FlitWays is now raising $150K-$1M via FlashFunder and the Travel Startups Investor Network.

FlitWays offers ride pre-booking service in 110 cities helping travelers and businesses to schedule a ride ahead of time. With FlitWays, a ride can be pre-booked up to 1 year in advance. Business and leisure travelers can easily book a ride the same way they book their flight and have all of their travel services pre-arranged for a complete door-to-door travel experience.

FlitWays currently operates in 110 global major cities with access to over 15,000 vehicles. The company currently maintains 31% monthly growth (CAGR).

In September, FlitWays generated over $60,000 in sales, serviced 1,400 trips from new and recurring customers. FlitWays is targeting $9.1 M revenue for 2016 with the seed-series investment. The company has functioning in-house built technology and expects to use the raised capital to boost sales and expand to new markets.

FlitWays just secured a revenue partnership with 3 major travel companies (TUI, Xerox and Megabus) which will allow the travel companies to resell FlitWays service directly to their global travelers. FlitWays was selected as one of the top 15 Best Startups at Collision in Las Vegas 2015. FlitWays was featured on Tnooz as an emerging travel startup dedicated to securing transportation to and from airports. FlitWays was also featured on Yahoo Finance, Skift, New York Magazine and KillerStartups.

For more information or to invest, please visit -

September 2015

Here Ye, Here Ye, The new FlitWays App hath arrived

  • by Admin

Salutations Flitters!

Are you ready for the next REVOLUTION in travel? You may be wondering, "What Could It Be!?" Without further ado, Today we are ecstatic to announce the launch of our new upgraded and redesigned app in the iTunes Store. The fully remodeled user interface and graphics gives the True Seamless Experience making it easy to book your trip as a traveler or business.

On FlitWays amazing new app, you can reserve your ride for tonight, tomorrow, or even next month with just one click. FlitWays State-of-the-art booking engine allows you to easily choose your pick up/ drop off destinations, and as a bonus, you can see it on the map! For convenience we offer travelers a choice from Taxi, Executive Car, or an Airport Shuttle, while simultaneously comparing rates and quotes from all of our available vehicles.

FlitWays knows travelers, and that is why we have introduced our Flat Rate, when you book, there are NO hidden fees, and NO extra surcharges unlike other transportation companies. For security, the app has an intuitive pay option with just an input of your credit card making it simple, fast, and secure and eliminating the need for carrying cash.

Don’t wait for your ride, have your ride wait for you. We only work with qualified transportation services and background checked drivers to bring you dependable, rapid, and seamless service. After booking your trip, we send you an email, as well as, a text confirmation receipt with all the details for your trip, including the number of your driver, so you always know where your ride is!

Don’t trust us? Download the app and Just Flit It!


Why do you need to pre-book a ride

  • by Admin

Hello Flitters,

If you travel at least twice a year, you may want to continue reading this blog. If not, you can skip this blog or continue reading to learn more about today’s travel trend.

Today, we picking up on Why Do You Need To Have Pre-Book a Ride?

With pre-booking your rides you can ensure that your driver gets you to your destination on time. A competitor for example, may promise you the closest ride is 3 minutes away, but in reality they don’t estimate the traffic approximation, making you wait an extra five minutes that you didn’t account for. Optimistically these competitors believe that their drivers will arrive to their guests on time, but practicality shows that it may be almost impossible.

Pre-booking your trips will ensure less anxiety at the time of your departure. Sitting around questioning if your driver was actually going to arrive on time isn’t anything you should worry about. With FlitWays’ online booking engine, it offers travelers to pre- book their ride and desire a favored ride allowing businesses and personal travelers the capacity to arrange their trips in advance.

August 2015

FlitWays January to July 2015 at a glance

  • by Admin

Hey Flitters!

As the month of August begins - and 2015 more than halfway through - we'd like to give you all a quick recap of who we are/what we do and also an update on upcoming developments.

  • We are proud to be operating in over 110 cities worldwide, with over 15,000 vehicles. We are constantly growing and expanding, all to make the best rides as convenient and available as possible!

  • Our NEW Android app's fully redesigned user interface and graphics make booking rides through your mobile device more seamless than ever. Try it now, available on Google Play, for free here:

  • Choose from a wide range of local taxis/cabs, executive cars, or airport shuttles. We're pleased to be able to offer such a variety in order to meet all your travel needs and budgets.

  • Later this year, Flitways will be releasing a Driver's app that will allow us to work more directly with the driver and ultimately be able to offer a better customer experience. This includes tracking, ride ETAs, and better regulation of fare prices and the booking process as a whole.

  • Additionally, we'll soon be able to allow local/ride-share drivers onto our platform to have even more reasonable fair prices.

All this, and more, are poised to keep FlitWays' success ongoing and our loyal customers happy. We are always looking to improve and hear from our followers so feel free to get in touch and let us know what you're thinking here:

Thanks for reading, following, and pre-booking with FlitWays....and remember, Just Flit It!

- FlitWays Team

July 2015

The 13 best jobs for people who love to travel

  • by Admin

Ever want to just pack your bags and go on a journey you'll never forget?

Perhaps you can find the best of both worlds by getting a job that requires a lot of travel, thereby feeding your insatiable need for travel but putting bread on the table at the same time.

Read on to find out what careers could satisfy your globe-trotting urges.

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Introducing @flitwaysapp on Instagram!

  • by Admin

Hey #Flitters and IG users, FlitWays is now on Instagram! Follow us for your daily dose of pictures and all things tech and travel related. Just Flit It and connect with us at @flitwaysapp.

‪#‎tech‬ ‪#‎socialmedia‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎startup‬ ‪#‎vc‬ ‪#‎instagram‬ ‪#‎july4‬

Click here to follow us at @flitwaysapp for your dose of FlitWays pics and other travel related posts in the palm of your hand!

June 2015

How To Survive July, The Busiest Air Travel Month Of The Year

  • by Admin

If you have a trip planned between now and August, good luck to you. July is known within the airline industry as the busiest travel month of the year.

The air travel system faces all kinds of demand in July. You have vacation travelers, who are trying to pack in family and personal trips in the month when there’s generally no school. Business travelers are also on the road, attempting to get things done before offices empty out in August, both in the U.S. and abroad.

That leads to a lot more people flying. In 2014, 71.8 million people flew during July, according to the Bureau of Travel Statistics. That was 37 percent more passengers than got on a plane in February, 2014, the year’s slowest month.

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Open booking or door to door… which is the future of business travel?

  • by Admin

Managed travel is in trouble – and a large part of the problem is corporate online booking tools (OBTs), which haven’t kept pace with consumer apps and websites. Two very different solutions are emerging: open booking, which means travellers don’t have to use OBTs any more; or switching to a better kind of OBT that uses door-to-door planning.

Has your company implemented one of these solutions? What are the results? Please comment the article and share your opinion!

Article credit to Marie @ KDS

March 2014

19 Tips that will rescue your first business trip

  • by Admin

Traveling on a business trip for the first time can be a daunting task for a new traveler. You might feel anxious before traveling, making those all-important decisions from what to pack in your bag, to what to wear whilst traveling – bearing in mind you have to make a good impression at the other end.

According to Marie @ KDS advice. There’s quite a lot to consider before you travel, so here are some handy tips and advice to help make your journey a smooth experience and less daunting. Packing, Whilst flying, General advice, Contributed tips and advice from frequent business travelers.

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December 2014

The media loves FlitWays

  • by Admin

Salutations Flitters!

I’m here to update you on the latest with FlitWays. This month, we were featured on the popular travel publication Tnooz. To read the entire article click here (FlitWays offers multiple modes of airport transportation ) The article sheds light about the origin of FlitWays and our team. FlitWays is making headlines with the announcement of our partnership with Megabus, the popular express bus company. Now, ground travelers can receive complete City-to-City, Door-to-Door service in 26 United States cities.

This past month, two major publications Yahoo! Finance picked up our news and the Examiner wrote articles about us and we have received overwhelming positive feedback from all of you Flitters out there. We are taking all the responses and incorporating it into FlitWays to make us the number one choice for travelers.

Thank You for Using FlitWays and Happy Holidays from our family to yours

-FlitWays Team

October 2014

Travel Startups Incubator invests in FlitWays

  • by Admin

Travel Startups Incubator is pleased to announce our investment in FlitWays a Los Angeles, California startup led by business entrepreneur Tobi Mac. Matt Zito, Managing Partner at Travel Startups Incubator says, “FlitWays is building the foundation for a global ground transportation company, servicing travel suppliers, B2B. Tobi Mac and his team in a short period of time have developed a revenue generating business that is growing nicely.” FlitWays is built on a proprietary technology platform that includes direct inventory of over 15,000 cars, limos and cabs in 84 cities.

FlitWays aims to incorporate ride booking into the travel industry with their API by making ride bookings available at every travel point of sale for our travel industry supplier partners. FlitWays is lining up travel distribution partners including OTA’s, Meta Search, Hotels, Airlines, GDS’s and travel suppliers that would like to offer private ground transportation for their customers.

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World best travel companies are partnering with FlitWays

  • by Admin

It has been a BIG week here at FlitWays. We’re always striving to increase our reach so we can be available for every traveler. We’re excited to announce our partnerships with some great Travel companies; HolZoo, MyPrivateVegas, Wingz, Cabforce, Mozio. We partner with the best companies so we can be available to our travelers no matter where they are. These sites are focused for Travelers and all their possible traveling needs. Thanks to our new partners, more travelers than ever before will be able to book with FlitWays, straight from their favorite sites. This makes us ecstatic and ramps up our motivation to continue doing it bigger and better than anyone else. Our work is never over. Stay tuned and grow with us!

Keep On Flitting On!

-FlitWays Team

August 2014

Yep, we're #Rebranding

  • by Admin

Hi Flitters,

I just wanted to drop by and let you all know the latest with FlitWays. I bet you're all wondering why we decided to rebrand from OnCabs to FlitWays. Well, we felt that OnCabs was confusing our message. The word "Cab" evokes an image of a taxi, and we are forever known to them as simply a taxi company. But we are so much more than that, we are infinitely versatile, allowing you to choose from a broad range of vehicles, available to you at 234 airports in 84 cities around the world. We can be used on demand or booked in advance.

It does not matter whether you’re a business traveler, private traveler, or moving in groups we can accommodate any situation. Flit is defined as "to move or fly quickly from one place to another" and we believe that is the essence of what we do here for our travelers, so thus FlitWays was born. On a side note, I am excited to announce that our new booking engine will soon be available on FlitWays.

We have been listening to your feedback and working tirelessly every day to improve our service and our coverage to help all of our travelers on their journeys. There are going to be some huge changes coming soon, stay with us on our journey to change the future of travel rides.

Happy Flitting! - FlitWays Team

June 2014

FlitWays offers pre-booking car service for travelers who like to plan

  • by Admin

Traveling for business often sees one against the clock, dashing from airplane to taxi to make that meeting. Taxi-hailing apps, such as Uber or Lyft, provide an option for getting around, but they are on-demand, meaning that you cannot plan your ground travel needs except for on the....

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Daily Travel Startup Watch: FlitWays, DayThrill and More

  • by Admin

Every day we alert our readers of new startups in the travel industry being listed on AngelList, as an early information service for those who keep track of such things. Every weekday, there will be a list of these newbies, along with each of their mini-profiles....

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FlitWays and Deem Ground - Truly Seamless Travel Ride

  • by Admin

Deem Ground is the largest ground transportation technology provider in the industry. Deem Ground offers end-to-end technology solutions for the entire Ground Transportation industry ecosystem. As the largest transportation technology provider, Deem Ground allows transportation providers to choose from a wide range of connectivity options when receiving reservations from corporate clients.

Deem ground solutions are utilized by over 2,000 corporations worldwide, including 78 of BTN 100 with availability in 86 countries and 500+ cities. A unique solution for Corporations, Booking Tools, and Travel Agencies.

Partnership with Deem Ground will allow FlitWays to seamlessly take its service to the travel marketplace that will allow corporations, booking administrators, agencies and travel suppliers to utilize FlitWays solutions through the world's most powerful GDS solution for ground transportation - Sabre, Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan.

By using FlitWays, businesses and travelers can take full control of their travel expenses, decrease booking time, save on contract fees and eliminate uncertainty when it comes to reliability.

April 2014

The World is Going to Brazil

  • by Admin

Latin America receives a large number of international tourist throughout the year. With all of the culture, festivities, and events who wouldn't want to explore some of beautiful countries within Latin America.

So, now when you think of traveling to cities in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Brazil, you don't have to worry about trying to get around in a country that you are unfamiliar with. FlitWays will be traveling with you. You will be able to pre-book your ride ahead of time in order for a timely pick up when you reach the airport to take you where you need to go.

Photo credit to Rickipanema -

Feburary 2014

Los Angeles Startup Tech Company is Introducing a Ground Travel Booking Solution for Businesses and Travelers

  • by Admin

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- FlitWays, a Los Angeles based startup company, is set to launch its solutions to revolutionize the way businesses and travelers book and schedule ground travels. FlitWays provides travelers access to over 10,000 fleets in major US cities, with best reliable and licensed local car service companies. FlitWays is pleased to announce its coverage expansion into more cities and building partnership with major travel companies to make ride booking available at every travel point of sale.

The company offers a pre-booking service unlike ride hailing app for on demand trips like Uber, Lyft and FlyWheel. The FlitWays online booking engine and app allows travelers to pre-book a ride and choose a preferred ride from a selection of vehicles such as Taxi, Executive Cars, Airports Shuttles and Transfers. As a company investor said when announcing the upcoming product launch, "Our goal is to incorporate ride booking into the travel industry by allowing travelers to book competitive rides that fits their lifestyle and blend into the future trends of booking rides online and on a mobile app."...

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Travel Gadgets We Can't Leave Without

  • by Admin

I just returned from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and was struck by how many companies are integrating Bluetooth Low Energy technology, or Bluetooth Smart, into their products. For any frequent traveler worried about losing luggage, devices or keys, these travel gadgets help you keep track of your belongings....

Bluetooth Smart Devices

While Bluetooth Smart technology shows great promise, the current working range is about 30 meters. What if your stuff wanders farther?

GPS Travel Gadgets

Smart GPS devices use satellite-based technologies to help find your bags or, in some cases, you. Take TrakDot: it's a small, sleek GPS-based tracking device that fits in your luggage and IMs you when your bag arrives. TrackStick connects to 24 satellites to remember your route, path or drive. You can keep a satellite record of everywhere you traveled and re-locate favorite destinations. And the Garmin GTU 10 enables your choice of friends and family to find your exact location from a mobile phone.

Article by John Dietz

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10,000+ Vehicles in 17 Major Cities

  • by Admin

The rapid expansion of FlitWays has stirred up quite an excitement. Check out the updates that have made to the FlitWays Map! We have been able to make our way to many major cities in the United States.

Adding these new locations to our map, has enhanced our services which will in turn enhance your experiences with us. Our services are now accessible in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, Honolulu, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Nashville, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Austin, Dallas and New York. Now how is that for coverage!


FlitWays Bringing Taxi Booking to Las Vegas

  • by Admin

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". You don't want to be the person missing out on all the happenings. From business meetings and conventions to personal entertainment, plan your trip accordingly using FlitWays.

Now that FlitWays have you covered in Las Vegas, it makes it all easier to have your ride pre-booked from the airport to the hotel and anywhere you want to spend the day or night in Las Vegas.

With FlitWays, you can book best airport shuttle for you and your crew, taxi to move you around the glamorous city or book executive car to enjoy the city in style.

Janurary 2014

Introducing FlitWays Business Travel

  • by Admin

Make the management of your ground travel costs easier by taking control of your travel expenses with FlitWays. A business ground travel account allows you to pre-book Taxis, Executive Cars, SUVs and Airport Shuttles, manage your past bookings, access flexible travel expenses from one source and receive 24/7 support to help you along the way.

To learn more, please visit:


FlitWays New York

  • by Admin

Watch Out! FlitWays is making its way. We are proud to announce our recent expansion to New York. Our goal is to make the life of travelers simple. Most residents in New York would rather catch a cab then drive in the city for convenience. Now instead hailing a cab on the street, you can have one sitting outside, ready to go when you leave.


Pick Your Preferred Ride

  • by Admin

To our new fans, let's give you an intro about FlitWays. FlitWays offers advanced booking engine that lets you pre-book a ride via online or mobile app (coming soon - iPhone and Android). One unique thing about FlitWays is that, you get to choose your preferred ride and fare price. We know, we love that too.#Schedule #Ride #Planning #BusinessTravel.


Advantages of License Taxi

  • by Admin

If you choose to use these ride sharing services you must bear in mind that it has risks associated with it. It will be difficult to know the credentials of the driver who will drive you to your destination because some of them are not actually licensed drivers for that job. Most of these ride sharing companies do not have liability insurance. Some of these ride sharing drivers who are private might be guys from other transportation business such as food delivery.

December 2013

Los Angeles Gets a New Pair of Wheels

  • by Admin

FlitWays takes pride in expanding its existing range of ride booking service to the city of Los Angeles. With the help of our online ride booking engine, you can now easily get a taxi, executive car and airport shuttle, regardless of where you wish to go. We act as a connecting medium between passengers and car service companies, which saves travelers from the hassles of standing in long queues and wasting their precious time.


FlitWays Makes It Ridiculously Easy To Book A Taxi

  • by Admin

Getting a cab tends to be an afterthought for most people, which is kind of weird because almost everybody has at least one taxi related horror story. Whether it's a creepy driver that speeds through red lights, or some horrible company that blew you off when you were waiting outside your apartment at 5 am trying to get to the airport, it's obvious that there is a lot of guesswork associated with getting a cab these days.

FlitWays was founded with a goal to eliminate this kind of guesswork, and to simplify the way people book a taxi. The end result is a streamlined, user-friendly app that helps riders and taxi drivers alike....

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