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Make the management of your ground travel costs easier by taking control of your ground travel expenses with FlitWays.

Why FlitWays?

Business Ground Travel
FlitWays lets you manage and control your business ground travel expenses anytime and anywhere. Avoid unnecessary surprises and hassles with our streamlined integrated booking service. Take advantage of our features and take control of your travel spending with ease.

Online & Mobile App
With FlitWays online and mobile app ride booking you can stay organized for your travel by pre-booking a vehicle that will be ready to pick you up and drop you at your destination.

One Ground Travel Source
Consider FlitWays your one-stop shop for all of your ground travel needs. With over 15,000 vehicles to choose from and with service in over 89 cities, the possibilities are endless and you can create your own personal travel experience based on your lifestyle.

All inclusive rates
With FlitWays there are no surprising surcharges or hidden fees. All of the competitive price rates that you will enjoy already include wait time, gratuity, and surcharges. Take comfort in knowing that you are in control and do not have anticipate additional unwanted charges.

FlitWays Solutions

Advanced Booking Engine
We understand that everyone requires a unique solution for their unique lifestyle. The Advanced Booking Engine lets you drill down to the exact specification, rates, and vehicle that meets your need. Search through an expansive network of growing ground travel providers for the safest, reliable, and most up-to-date vehicles available.

One Travel Expense
Manage all of your travel expenses with ease with FlitWays. The perfect solution for business travelers, FlitWays allows you to plan, maintain, and organize business travel in one place. An excellent option for both corporate and individual travel booking with FlitWays lets you keep track of business spending and control your travel budget.

24/7 Customer Support
Just like our vehicles are exactly where you need them to be when you need them there, our customer support team is available around the clock to assist you with all of your booking needs and questions. Give us a call and let us know where you want to go.

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