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Who We Are

Flit is a travel technology company that provides an enterprise level ground transportation solution for corporate travelers and enables travel-related businesses like airlines and hotels a new source of revenue and an attractive add-on service for their clients. Founded in 2013, with a mission to broaden the reach of enterprise-level ground transportation and empower travel resellers with a fully automated car service solution.


We have built a unique and highly differentiated software, support, integration and service platform that provides clients with an offering that is not available elsewhere in the market to give businesses a complete ground transportation solution. Flit simplifies planning, expense reporting and execution to make traveler and back office efficiencies as well as logistics a cost saving opportunity for companies.

We have been adding customers at a very rapid pace with revenue accelerating by approximately 300% per year and now are speeding up our month sequential growth to about 25% monthly. We have accomplished all of this with virtually no marketing budget and only one business development employee. We have built a substantial backlog of likely customers.


We can take our unparalleled software and backend platform to provide a booking, itinerary planning and expensing experience to ease the complexities and stress associated with corporate travel. We have a global network of drivers and car service companies to satisfy any client need.

We plan to continue to add high profile enterprise and travel reseller clients which will rapidly power substantial growth and we expect revenue to climb from approximately $1.2 million in 2017 to a higher revenue in 2018. We are growing our enterprise support platform to all major languages and expanding to new markets.

Flit 2017 Results

$435 K Q4'16
$1.2 MM ↑ 300% YoY Q4'17
$1.2 MM

up 300% YoY

25,963 Q4'16
35,470 ↑ 36% YoY Q4'17

up 36% YoY

16 Q4'16
28 ↑ 172% YoY Q4'17

Enterprise Accounts
up 172% YoY

Flit 2016 Results

$337 K Q4'15
$434 K ↑ 77% YoY Q4'16
$434 K

up 77% YoY

110 Q4'15
220 ↑ 100% YoY Q4'16

Cities Covered
up 100% YoY

4 Q4'15
7 ↑ 60% YoY Q4'16

Enterprise Accounts
up 60% YoY

SEC Filings

Date Filing Description Download
April 30, 2018 10-K/A Amended current report filing
April 20, 2018 DEF 14C Proxy Statement (definitive)
April 17, 2018 10-K Annual report filing
April 05, 2018 PRE 14C Preliminary Information Statement
April 02, 2018 NT 10-K Non-Timely Quarterly filing
March 20, 2018 8-K Current report filing
February 22, 2018 DEF 14C Proxy Statement (definitive)
February 13, 2018 S1 Registration Statements
February 09, 2018 PRE 14C Preliminary Information Statement
January 31, 2018 8-K Current report filing
January 23, 2018 8-K Current report filing
December 29, 2017 8-K Current report filing
December 15, 2017 10-Q Quarterly filing
November 14, 2017 8-K Current report filing
November 11, 2017 NT 10-Q Non-Timely Quarterly filing
October 30, 2017 8-K/A Amended current report filing
October 24, 2017 8-K Current report filing
October 23, 2017 8-K Current report filing
September 26, 2017 8-K Current report filing
August 30, 2017 D Exempt offering of securities
August 28, 2017 8-K Current report filing
August 21, 2017 10-Q Quarterly filing
August 21, 2017 NT 10-Q Non-Timely Quarterly filing
August 02, 2017 8-K Current report filing
July 21, 2017 DEF 14C Proxy Statement (definitive)


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